Maximise your impact

  • Logos
  • Opening times
  • Frosting / privacy
  • Products
  • Promotions
  • …and more!

Your business probably has some prime advertising space you’ve never considered using… your windows!

There’s often more space to advertise your business name, logo or typical products on your windows than on a fascia or a door. Make use of the extra space with well designed and high-impact vinyl graphics applied to the inside or outside.


Cover large areas of windows with ‘modesty screening’ semi-opaque vinyl in cafes or or solicitors’ office windows to add privacy while retaining light and getting noticed.

We’re open

Double windows either side of a doorway can be matching but promote different aspects of the same business. Opening times on a doorway glass panel, or coloured pictures of products in window corners all add to your visual presence.


For rear windows in company cars / vans we have amazing one way material that promotes your business with striking graphics on the outside, but is see-through from the inside.