Pavement Signs

Get noticed!

  • ‘We are open’
  • ‘We are over there’
  • Opening times
  • Promotions / special events
  • Mobile advertising boards (e.g. double glazing fitters)
  • Price lists
  • …and more!

Being tucked down a little alleyway or round the back of someone else doesn’t have to mean an empty shop. High visibility and cost effective pavement signs can make all the difference to getting your business noticed.

Use a simple “A” frame with your name, “OPEN” and an arrow strategically placed to notify potential customers where you are.


If you’re a builder or double glazing fitter, stand a sign outside where you’re working to drum up interest from passers-by. Word of mouth is better than any paid advertising but if people don’t know you are there they can’t ask about you! Park your signed van nearby and put an A board outside and tell everyone what a good job you do!


Rubber base with double sided metal sign   from £95.00 + Delivery


stick in the ground signs £20.00 + Delivery